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I should be writing essays right now but got sidetracked to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Paintings , interesting shit right there, mostly posting it so i don’t forget but whatevs, enjoy if that’s your thing. Also i have a forthcoming article that is essentially a ripoff of The Onion’s style but is all my own content wise, so something to look forward too, yay, just kidding, i checked my traffic, I’m literally the only person on the internet who visits this, how does that happen there’s like billions of you jerks, anyway later.


Back again – 3 unrelated things

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Hey, so it’s been about 3 months since i last was here, and really i was wanting to update about once a week so thats just… thats just terrible, lets just say i got hit by a bus or something.

Not really in the mood to review that Brand New album anymore, I think I might take this blog in another direction in the next few weeks, in the mean time, I would like to start a tradition of posting 3 unrelated clips, most likely from youtube that I have enjoyed on some level on this / that future  day. So then

NUKES!!! and a forthcoming review on Daisy, the brand new album from Brand New (heh)

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First off, I picked up the album Daisy by Brand New yesterday, listened to it today and will do so again untill I feel confident in reviewing it semi competently, first impressions are good but different, that is all you get for now.

Second, I was sitting in class today trying to pay attention when the teaching took a very “what do you think class?” turn and I started to tune it out for a few minutes. While doing so I chanced to look upon my rss feed widget which I have subscribed to wikileaks.org and a headline caught my fancy. Basically it was a list of every nuclear site which had to be declared by the non-proliferation treaty and it struck me that damn, there are a lot of nuclear sites in the United States. I come from Canada and I assume that there are a great deal less of these sites here, but now that I think about it I dont really know, but there is a massive debate about whether my province will be getting a nuclear power station in the next few years.

So I put the question to you loyal four people who have visited my blog, what do you think about having a nuclear site in or near your hometown, check out the above pdf, maybe there already is and you didn’t even know it.

First Post

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Hi all, whatever small ammount of people that may be, just testing out all these new fangled blog options, I plan on posting a new sweet band with a little write up every day, and having a weekly discussion on tough issues, you’ll see what I mean, but ya, it’ll be next week at least before i get most of these kinks worked out so in the meantime check out my sweet ass header, made it myself, damn I’m good.

Also, check out this sweet article on NPR, complete with a full streaming version of Dangermouse’s new album “Dark Night of the Soul” http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104129585