NUKES!!! and a forthcoming review on Daisy, the brand new album from Brand New (heh)

First off, I picked up the album Daisy by Brand New yesterday, listened to it today and will do so again untill I feel confident in reviewing it semi competently, first impressions are good but different, that is all you get for now.

Second, I was sitting in class today trying to pay attention when the teaching took a very “what do you think class?” turn and I started to tune it out for a few minutes. While doing so I chanced to look upon my rss feed widget which I have subscribed to and a headline caught my fancy. Basically it was a list of every nuclear site which had to be declared by the non-proliferation treaty and it struck me that damn, there are a lot of nuclear sites in the United States. I come from Canada and I assume that there are a great deal less of these sites here, but now that I think about it I dont really know, but there is a massive debate about whether my province will be getting a nuclear power station in the next few years.

So I put the question to you loyal four people who have visited my blog, what do you think about having a nuclear site in or near your hometown, check out the above pdf, maybe there already is and you didn’t even know it.


~ by howtoloosefriends on October 14, 2009.

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